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Photo of Sheila FinkelsteinAs an artist, photographer, writer and relationship coach, I, Sheila Finkelstein, have been on the web for 12 years. During that time I've developed several sites. Links to them are below.

Each has different purpose. All have the intention to inspire you in some way, for the most part to take action in one or more areas of your life.

With digital cameras, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, computers, programs and social media the richness of human interaction all over the world is available to you.

Click or tap on the links or photos below to get to the sites.

Treasure Your Life Now is the "Umbrella" site for programs and services related to living in the moment and being fully present to our lives, as we move from moment to moment.

So that everyone is able to be fully living and loving their lives, in fun and ease with no regrets, the current focus is helping Boomers and Seniors use simple technology to access it all in both business and personal lives.

technology for seniors made easy header iconTechnology for Seniors Made Easy: Helping Seniors Use Computers and other Electronic Devices

Love with No Regrets headerExperience the Wonder and Magic in your relationships.
Together with your partner build a treasure chest of actions and memories, so you know you are loving fully (before it's too late).

Deepen communication in areas in which you've been avoiding. Experience the loving touches that may have been missing. Acts of love occur spontaneously, including giving and receiving unexpected gifts. Acknowledgment abounds. See Love With No Regrets for more information.

Surfing the pages linked to below provides the opportunity for you to "get away", to take a walk and experience the healing power of Nature without leaving your computer. Along the way you may find products and services that you choose to fulfill you in new ways.

Art Creations for Inspiration

Natural environments - gardens, woods, beaches, rivers, streams - are sources for pleasure, creativity, play and self-discovery, as well as for healing. Much of my work is a reflection of this. There is an ongoing invitation for you to experience the same in your own life and on these pages.

Clicking on the individual images will take you to separate sites with art and photography creations and services that have rejuvenated and inspired people over a period of years.

Be sure to check the links to two of my blogs for ongoing photography and writing for personal growth. And, for those interested in self-growth, there are bonus eBooks.

lavender calla lily photo drawing - nature artUnique Photo/Drawing Art - Home and office decor and wall art - energizing and restoring spirit through photography with manually enhanced interpretations of the images People often visit this site and browse through the pictures to simply give them a boost in their day.

orange coneflowers

Large Photo/Drawing Poster Prints - Limited number of photo drawing images approximately 18" X 24". See Store.



Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy Landscape Water Color Paintings to Enhance Walls and spark imagination - limited edition signed giclee prints - Nature's Treasures Interpreted


banana sky dvd header

Originally put together for caregivers, this healing Photography and music DVD fits for anyone seeking relaxation and stress-relief. It plays on a TV DVD player or computer.

Nature Art GiftsNature Art Gifts - Do you have a desire to enhance your environment or wish for a special gift?

This site has links to my Nature Art Gift shop which includes wall, office and home decor art as well as truck art for children; Banana Sky DVD, healing photography and music for relaxation and stress-relief; Pictures to Ponder: Inspired Journaling Book; and gift certificates. See Nature Art Gifts.

Reading on the Web - Blogs
Inspiring Seeing, Creativity and New Views on Life

Ongoing photography and Writing for Personal Growth

header image photography and Transformation blog

Photography and Transformation
Seeing Your World Through New Eyes - Photography and Writing, including Self-Reflecting Queries

Photo by Sam Finkelstein of Sheila in 1961Writing for Healing - Using Writing as Access to Transformation and Healing

Much of the writing on this site is free flow writing that helped me during the time I was caregiver for my husband who had Parkinson's Disease, as well as spontaneous writing after he died

YouTube Video Clips
30 seconds to 2 minutes in length

Click on YouTube to visit. When you get there, note the PLAYLISTS link on the left, where the videos are organized in categories for your ease in selection. The SEARCH Box on top right of the YouTube page lets you search for a particular subject in my channel.

YouTube header for all videos on Inspirational Sheila's ChannelVideos by Sheila include flowers, birds, ocean - many from the American Orchid Society, Wakodahatee Wetlands, Green Cay Nature Preserve and Sunrise and Sunset Water videos for peace and relaxation.

Also see : YouTube Header for


Videos by Sheila, The TechSavvy Seniors

include video tutorials on using Preview and Photobooth on iMac, iPad, iPhone, setting up email and much more

Without the inspiration and support of my very talented, beloved,
late-husband Sam Finkelstein, this site would not exist.
So much of his life was devoted to me.

I thus dedicate this page to Samuel Marvin Finkelstein

Reflection boy over stream
by Sam Finkelstein
Photographs from the fifties and sixties -


What other people are saying:

"Sheila has a keen eye for what is being processed inside the photographer as well is in the frame. She is kind and creative. Ansel Adams said 'A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.' Sheila looks deeply, and I am grateful for her insight and generous wisdom." Blaise Allen, Art Therapist/Poet/Writer/Photographer

"What your work does is to give people a menu of delectible, digestible, bite-sized morsels which may stimulate their appetite...and quite a statisfying meal it is!" Linda Gipson, RMT

"What I continue to appreciate and love about your creative works is, that you allow your camera to invite and embrace the participant/viewer to think and respond." Steve Grubman-Black

For more on Sheila Finkelstein, see INTERVIEW. To learn more about with whom she is looking to work in an Art Rep or Business Partnership relationship, see Art Rep Desired or email her - sheila [at]

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