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Thanks for coming to this page. My name is Sheila Finkelstein. I am an Artist, Writer, Photographer, Teacher and Life Coach. In the over 40 years of producing in various media, I have developed a wealth of art that energizes living and working spaces and often promotes healing in thoughts and feelings.

It's now past time to get this out in the world in an expanded way. I need your help. I cannot do it alone. I am searching for an art rep/business partner who will resonate with my work and know the ins and outs of reaching the right companies and buyers and closing sales.

This page has been set up as an index to lead you to examples of what's available. Each thumbnail image links to a site that contains the works described. I invite you to click on those which most appeal to you.

If, after getting a sense of my work, you find it fits for you or someone you know, please come back to this page and check out the Further Criteria link for a description of the partner for whom I'm searching.

At any point contact me with your questions and for further information and testimonials. Please e-mail me at sheila [at] to set up a mutually convenient time to speak.

Through the Eyes of Sheila Finkelstein

banana pod openingOpening

reflected little blue heron


red onion open smiling

Art Creations

lavender calla lily photo drawing - nature artPhoto/Drawing Art - Home and office decor and wall art - energizing and restoring spirit through photography with manually enhanced interpretations of the images


yellow gerber daisy tile box

Nature Art Gift Shop
- A wide variety of products for the body and the home, featuring unique Photo Drawings and straight Photography
- in - includes Keepsake Boxes, Tiles, Note Cards, Calendars, Clocks



Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy Landscape Water Color Paintings
to Enhance Walls and spark imagination - limited edition signed giclee prints - Nature's Treasures Interpreted


tropical water lily cd cover

Photography for
CD Covers, Business Cards, Web and Other business needs

Banana Sky DVD - Healing Photography and music for relaxation and stress-relief. DVD plays on TV or comptuter.-

"By far the best form of complementary medicine around: This provides close to immediate and deep relaxation for both patients and caregivers." Social Worker in Cancer Center where DVD is played 8 hours/day in their patient waiting room.

Truck Art on children's clothing as well as mugs, clocks, calendars and more with the photo/drawing art of Construction Truck Art is for sale in our Truck-Art Gift Shop.


book cover

Pictures to Ponder: Inspired Journaling - a book with large beautiful flower photos, plus questions to prompt thinking and space for journaling.


See also -

for New Views on Life - Inspiring Seeing and Creativity
Bonus eBooks
Photography and Writing in a New Way
for those working with Healers and Self-Healers

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What people are saying:

"Sheila has a keen eye for what is being processed inside the photographer as well is in the frame. She is kind and creative. Ansel Adams said 'A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.' Sheila looks deeply, and I am grateful for her insight and generous wisdom." Blaise Allen, Art Therapist/Poet/Writer/Photographer

"What your work does is to give people a menu of delectible, digestible, bite-sized morsels which may stimulate their appetite...and quite a statisfying meal it is!" Linda Gipson, RMT

"What I continue to appreciate and love about your creative works is, that you allow your camera to invite and embrace the participant/viewer to think and respond." Steve Grubman-Black

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