photo of Sheila FinkelsteinSeeking an Art Rep/Business Partner
one who thrives on
Turning Ideas into Money

Do you love a success story,
especially one in which you are the hero?

Could the story below, adapted in your own words, be yours?
or, how might you write it to make it yours?

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Someone referred me to Sheila Finkelstein’s page. I don’t even remember who it was who sensed a perfect match. 


That person must have known I love working with people who are full of creativity and ideas and committed to making differences in the world.


As I look through her sites and offers, I’m finding that Sheila’s work sparks with energy and aliveness.  It makes me want to look around and see possibility in things I’ve never noticed before. Sheila’s approach is fresh and new and the world needs to be exposed to it.


So, how can I help?  I’ve been out in the business world for some time and especially enjoy working with those who are making in difference in the worlds of creativity and empowerment.  Compassion for people, with the desire to help and empower, has been bottom line for me as I've traveled my path of success.


Above all, well almost, I love making money and bringing others along the successful route with me.  It’s one of the ways I generate my own abundance. Success for them is success for me.


What excites me about Sheila’s work is the opportunity to bring fresh ideas into the world, turn them into money, opening up new markets. I get to use the years of experience I’ve had, the connections, I’ve made to create a whole new story.


I love stories, especially those that end in success.  I am about to contact Sheila so we can write this one together.


She seems open, responsive, flexible and resilient.  I sense that she’s not very attached to her work being a certain way, that she looks at the big picture and the overall results and impact that her work has on others and the snowball effects of that.


Above all, her work is beautiful, unique and inspiring.  I’m excited at the thought of our starting to   brainstorm and move on to the next step.  In addition to the excitement and joy of playing in new fields the money is out there waiting for us.

Again, could the above story have been written by you? Does it fit anyone you know?

If either, please contact Sheila[at] indicating, interest, background and contact information

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