Beloved Husband, Father, Poppy, Brother, Uncle, Friend

(1/29/32 - 11/21/07)

Photos and Writing of Proud Father Sam
who had a great sense of humor

In addition to the wonderful and often fun photos Sam Finkelstein took, he often showed his humor in writing, especially in the captions under the photos he took of his family and then organized in albums he maintained.

As I, Sheila, went through albums, I came across the sequence on the next two pages. Romantic Sam comes through in this sequence below and brings loving smiles of remembrance to my face. Title and captions follow under the photos are Sam's. Given the last caption, I suspect I took the photos while Sam was at work and I visited former neighbors who had moved to California and had come back to visit other friends locally (in NY). Barbara was born around the same time as our older son Joe, 22 months old in these photos.


Joey and Barbara photo 1
Joey, I'm so glad to see you.


Joey and Barbara - photo2
Open up, Barbara. It's your Teddy Bear.


Photo 3 Joey and Barbara
I got the keys to Daddy's car. Let's go!


joey and barbara photo4
Hi Mister. What's your name?


photo 5 of joey and Barbara
Why don't you answer my girl? You're rude!


photo 6 - joey and barbara
I ought to knock you down for that!

photo 7 of Joey and Barbara Story
She loves me; she loves me not.


photo 8 of Joey and Barbara story
Joey, when are you coming to California?

photo 9 of the Joey and Barabara story
As soon as I save some money for Joey's car.


photo 10 - Joey and Barabara Story
Joe, stop acting like a silly adult!

Photo 11 of Joey and Barbara story
C'mon, Joey. Let's go inside and continue our romancing
and get away from your mommy with her snoopy camera.

Words and Photography - ©Samuel Marvin and Sheila Finkelstein

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