Beloved Husband, Father, Poppy, Brother, Uncle, Friend

(1/29/32 - 11/21/07)

Photos and Writing of Proud Father Sam
who had a great sense of humor

In addition to the wonderful and often fun photos Sam Finkelstein took, he often showed his humor in writing, especially in the captions under the photos he took of his family and then organized in albums he maintained.

As I, Sheila, went through albums, I came across the sequence on the next two pages. I particularly laugh at the one below of son Rob at 18 months of age. It was written a few years before I went back to school and got my degree as an Art Educator. Some of what Sam wrote, so perfectly fits into my ultimate philosophy in teaching young children. Title and captions follow, under photos by Sam, as written in one of our many albums.


Artist Rob - first photo in sequence
Let's see, you hold it down and move it around.


Artist Rob - second photo in sequence
Ha! It's easy to draw when you know how!


Rob - artist third photo in sequence
You want to know what it is?


Photo 4 in Rob artist sequence
Well, I don't know.


 fifth photo of toddler Rob as an artist
I just draw what I feel like.


Sixth photo of toddler Artist Rob
It's sort of an Expressionist. It's quite good, you know.

Words and Photography - ©Samuel Marvin Finkelstein

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