Beloved Husband, Father, Poppy, Brother, Uncle, Friend

(1/29/32 - 11/21/07)

With Boyhood Friend ALAN REMSTEIN
67+ years of Friendship!

Sam and Alan
Sam Finkelstein and Alan Remstein

"When I let my mind wonder back to the wonderful times that Sam and I shared, I find myself at a little corner candy store in West Oak Lane [Philadelphia, PA]. Sam and I meet and we soon realized we were classmates at Rowan Elementary.

Our friendship was off and running. How quickly we sequed into Wagner Jr. High (and let's not forget Hebrew School.) Then into Central High and then P.T.I. for you and Penn for me.

But what of our teen years? We learn to play chess and photography became Sam's passion. Somehow we managed to discover girls. On our first date we doubled and with the help of two trolleys and the subway, we somehow got to the Carmen Theater. And then there was Broadway and train trips to N.Y.C. Oh so many wonderful memories!

Then in 1954-55, we learned to be soldiers. We both ended up in Germany, but at different camps. And how about our tour to Switzerland and Italy. We even co-authored our experiences with an article in the Jewish Exponent.

Our shared experiences were many and varied.

I feel I am blessed to have had Sam in my life. He was such a sweet and soft guy."

With love, Alan

sam finkelstein and alan remstein
Sam Finkelstein and Alan Remstein

These photos were taken in February 2007. Note the somewhat "masked" facial expressions, a characteristic of Parkinson's Disease which, ironically, both friends have/had. Alan's condition was diagnosed a year after Sam's was, more than ten years ago.

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