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TESTIMONIALS - Making a Difference

Birthday card received on 74th Birthday - to see the PDF with added wonderful Morgine Jurdan's wonderfu photography used to creatively to express the words below, click on photo or see BIRTHDAY CREATIVITY.

Happy BIRTH Day to my Amazing Friend Sheila Finkelstein
The place where Love & Creativity Meet

You draw us out of our either/or black and white world
show us a vibrant palette
overflowing with infinite colors
to use to create
New & inspiring
relationships, businesses, projects and more!

You help Us
See the World from
New & Different Points of View

You Put Love into your pictures
And are not Afraid to PLAY AROUND
and have FUN
making something totally NEW!!

From your Own Weird Creative Friend Morgine

thank you for being Born TODAY!!
the world SANG a Song of Delight
when you came FLYING in!!

Infinite Wild Abundance
in all areas of your life
where you want to
what you Desire!!

Love, hugs, smiles, sunshine, butterfly kisses, rainbow drops, bunny snuggles, kitten licks, delicious flavors, overwhelming joy, and so much MORE

Magical Morgasmic Morgine [Jurdan] - Communications with Love

Two Emails from Former Elementary School Students of Mine
(They were 4th and 5th grade in 1975 and I remember them clearly.)

Received on 6-18-11
Subject: You were my teacher at Alan B. Shepard

Dear Mrs. Finkelstein,

I can't tell you how delighted I was to find your website!

Just last night, I had a conversation and someone asked me to recall the first person who had truly inspired me artistically and it was you. I have often thought of you in life but, it had never before occurred to me to contact you. You were on my mind all day and I thought I'd try to find a way to let you know. Thanks to the magic of Google, I found you on my very first try!

I am an actress, writer, comedian and a make-up artist living in Los Angeles. (See rest on Former Students testimonial page)

Received on 2-19-07
Dear Mrs. Finkelstein,

You probably don't remember me, but I was a student of yours at Alan B. Shepard elementary school, so very long ago. My name is Denise Martinez and I'm 42 years old now, a professional artist and more recently, I began working as an art teacher at a High School in Brooklyn, NY.

When I came across your site I had to email you since of all the teachers I had, it is you I remember most of all. When people ask me about how I became an artist, I always tell them about you. I tell them a story about you, when you came to Shepard, how you made art class different, how you helped me discover my own artistic talent, how you encouraged me. You impacted my life tremendously, and I never forgot you. (Continued on Former Student Testimonials page.)

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