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Seeking an Art Rep/Business Partner

to sell to large companies art and photography suitable for a wide range of products and services. This person or company would fit the criteria spelled out below.

or might you be the one who loves turning ideas into money. Perhaps you wrote the story on the next page.

See Partner Page for full range of products and services.

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Check inside yourself - Does the following description fit?

1 - enjoy working with artists, understand them, get inspired by the unique and want to be working with people interested in making a difference in the world?

2 - have contacts who buy art in the publishing, gallery, prints distribution, residential and commercial worlds?

3 - have successful sales records?

4 - understand the ins and outs of production, working from my raw materials (the art, photographs and writing)?

5 - have an interest in developing further ideas for other areas in which my work can be adapted and used for inspiration, healing and empowerment?

6 - love people and communicate easily and well?

7 - always remain open to the idea of "unlimited possibilities?"

You are...

8 - Willing to work on commission?

9 - connected with buyers in hospitals, oncology and hospice centers for my art on walls, BANANA SKY DVD, as well as other healing art and music DVDs, including those listed above in #2?

10 - possibly connected with buyers for health and fitness centers, for projection and playing in their spaces?

11 - flexible, adaptable and open to generating and receiving new ideas?

12 - familiar with the printing and publishing industries, production and distribution?

Does the above description fit you? Does it fit anyone you know?

If either, please contact Sheila[at] indicating, interest, background and contact information.

Partner Page has full range of products and services

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