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Hi. My name is Sheila Finkelstein and I am passionate about people, nature and discovery, making matches and opening people up to seeing their worlds with new eyes.

In the process I've created art that enlivens living and working spaces and often
promotes healing of thoughts and feelings. In the over 40 years of producing in various art arenas, I have developed a wealth of products and ideas, many of which are adaptible for commercial use.

So that I can be free to further make a difference with people, generating new images and ideas, I am searching for a business partner who will resonate with my work. He or she will have successfuly worked with the reproduction, placing and selling art for a wide range of uses.

Please scroll down this page to get a sense of my work and its fit for you. Then check out Further Criteria for a description of the partner for whom I'm searching.

At any point contact me with your questions and for further information and testimonials. Please e-mail me at sheila [at] to set up a mutually convenient time to speak.

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New Views on Life - Inspiring Seeing and Creativity

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Photography and Transformation - Seeing Your World Through
New Eyes

Photo by Sam Finkelstein of Sheila in 1961
Writing for Healing - Using Writing as Access to Transformation and Healing - Much of the writing on this site is free flow writing that helped me during the time I was caregiver for my husband who had Parkinson's Disease, as well as spontaneous writing after he died.

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Experience Photography and Writing in a New Way - for those working with Healers and Self-Healers
Art Creations
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Through the Eyes of Sheila Finkelstein

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reflected little blue heron

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What people are saying:

"Sheila has a keen eye for what is being processed inside the photographer as well is in the frame. She is kind and creative. Ansel Adams said 'A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.' Sheila looks deeply, and I am grateful for her insight and generous wisdom." Blaise Allen, Art Therapist/Poet/Writer/Photographer

"What your work does is to give people a menu of delectible, digestible, bite-sized morsels which may stimulate their appetite...and quite a statisfying meal it is!" Linda Gipson, RMT

"What I continue to appreciate and love about your creative works is, that you allow your camera to invite and embrace the participant/viewer to think and respond." Steve Grubman-Black

For more on Sheila Finkelstein, see INTERVIEW or email her - sheila [at]

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